Thursday, 9 December 2010

Lush Haul

I went to the lovely Westfields today to do a bit of Christmas shopping and treated myself to some lush goodies! I haven't bought some in a while and i needed to stock up. Here's what i got.........

I got 3 of the Christmas products that are out, firstly the Candy Cane Bubble Bar. It has a Vanilla cent and should make your skin luuuurvly and soft! You crumble this under at hot running tap and watch the bubbles appear! You wouldn't need to use the whole bar in one go, break it up and use as much as you you want.

This is Satsumo Santa and it is a Ballistic, it has a citrusy smell and looks sooo cool! Can not wait to try this out.

The Boogg Ballistic is amazing! This is inspired by a Swedish tradition. They build a snowman, then fill its head with fireworks. So when this is in the bath an array of colours come out of it, like a...firework!

I will be taking some photos when i use this and i will post them up!

I got the Grease Lightning spot treatment which i have not used before. I don't get a lot of spots but when i do they are big and nasty! I've heard its good and if you have used it let me know how it was for you!

Its one of the classics, The Comforter! Deff one of my faves because it smells amazing and its huge so you get loads of goes with it!

This is also one of my favorites, Dreamtime. Love, love, love the smell and with it being a solid bath oil means it makes your skin so smooth.

If you have any lush hauls put the link in the comments, i love checking them out! Much Love <3


  1. those are so cute, i love them all!

  2. ahhh I love anything and everything from Lush!

    xo, Jay

  3. Omg the candy cane and the comforter are my favorites! I'm obsessed with Lush =)

  4. Grease lightening is really good, I apply it all over my face in the evening as it prevents sports too :)