Friday, 24 June 2011

♥ GlossyBox - June ♥

So all week, just like all the other beauty bloggers, I have been awaiting my June GlossyBox and it finally came today. Woop woop!

As i was at work all day i was checking out all the tweets regarding the box. There has been a real mixed opinion on this months box, some people are really dissapointed and others are at the complete opposite end of the scale and love it! So i was not sure what I was going to make of it, but i was still majorly excited.

I couldn't resist at having a look a peoples pictures which they uploaded on twitter to see what they got inside. I really wanted to try and wait till i got home but i just couldn't handle it! I had to look!!

SO i got home at 5 and there it was waiting for me in all its glory.....

I am really impressed with the packaging, even the box the box comes in is pretty with their logo dotted on it. This is the inside packaging....

It comes in a gorgeous pink box, which is nice enough to keep and put other things in it. It's really good quality.

You get a card which has greeting on from the GlossyBox team, which on the other side tells you about the products in the box. It also had some other info bits of some of the products.

It comes wrapped in tissue paper with a bow tied around it sealed with a sticker with their logo on, cute!!
This is the card explaining whats in the box..

And here is my box...

Overall i am pretty impressed with mine, the only thing i thought that i didn't think was 'high end' (which they claim these sample to be) and which nearly everyone has already was the Batiste dry shampoo.

The other items I got you can see on the card above. I do really like the perfume, never smelt anything like it and may even consider purchasing it eventually. I do really like the idea of try before you buy and this is exactly it.

It costs £10 a month subscription, and you get a box each month with 5 samples. But today GlossyBox have announced that from September they will be charging shipping costs also which will be and extra £2.95, so the new total to pay each month will be £12.95. This didn't get a good reaction on twitter, many people said they would unsubscribe (which you can do at any point). I think it is a bit of a cheek to bring this on now, they should of done it from the beginning. But i will still keep my subscription as i did like my box very much and it does feel a little bit like Christmas when you get a present and you just don't know what your going to get.

I have also come across another company doing a similar thing which i will blog about.

So let me know if you got a box, what did you get in yours? There a few variations of the box going around so id like to know what you thought of the products i didn't get.

Their website is
Twitter: @GlossyBoxuk

Until next month....

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  1. I'm so sad mine was not aiting for me when I came back home :(