Monday, 27 December 2010

End Of Year Ramble

Hey everyone! I Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got what you wanted. I had a great day with my family. This is my favorite time of year and i just love being at home and spending it with my family. I was very lucky and got some amazing gifts.

My boyfriend and I purchased a house May this year, we haven't moved in yet as we have been renovating it, so 2011 will be a big year as i will be moving out finally into my own house. Excited but also scared! Time to grow up and be a proper adult haha!
So 2011 will have big changes and I'm looking forward to it. My brother is also having a baby so i will have a new Niece or Nephew coming, which I'm very Check Spellingexcited about!

There were good and bad parts to my 2010, The good was I got a mortgage and got my house with my boyfriend, I visited Rome and went on a clubbing holiday to Ibiza with my boyfriend and friends, which was so much fun and will deff be doing again in 2011! I have made new friends which will be friends for life.

The saddest thing was I lost my lovely nan who i adore so much but I have so many happy memories about her. She will forever be in my thoughts! My best friend moved to Abu Dhabi to become a Air hostess! I was sad but also happy for her as she was so happy to be doing it! But I miss her lots!

I think the only new year resolution i have, which has to be the all time most popular one, getting fit and eating healthy! I am a member of a gym already but i have to be honest, I'm am a slacker when i get there and I really need more motivation.

I work in a nightclub at weekends for extra money and I waitress the V.I.P area of the club and look after the people that buy the tables for the night. have volunteered to work on new years as i am not doing anything and it is double pay! keerrchhing! It is money i really need right now to put towards the house. The theme is Twisted Circus, so it should be a great night. I have to dress up as a Ring Master which will make it more fun. I Love dressing up! And there will be loads of fire acts and other circus related stuff going on!

Also i have thought of a few blogs to do, I purchased some Sigma brushes before Christmas and want to show you them and also some nail tutorials. If you have any ideas of what you would like me to do a blog about let me know. I'm always up for some Ideas.

Well off to bed as i need to purchase a new tyre for my car tomorrow, one of them is flat. Gutted! More money to spend! Please send me links in the comments below to your blogs about your Christmas and New Years!

Happy New Year everyone!