Saturday, 8 January 2011

My Geek Love

Everyone has a passion for something that makes them a bit of a geek, for you it might be Make-up, fashion or hair. I do love these things but my geekness for me its the Universe and all things to do with the stars, planets and anything else that's involved in the universe.

The person I probably would have to say that got me into this is my brother Ryan. He did Astrophysics at university and is a major geek in this subject. Ask him anything and he will know the answer. But recently on T.V (if you live in England) there have been a lot of programmes on in relation to this subject and most involve Brian Cox who is my new geek love! He also has the most amazing voice, its so calming, search him on youtube and have a listen.

He did an amazing series called Wonders of our Solar System, which i would recommend to watch. A new series called Wonders of the Universe is due to start soon which i am soooo excited about. They also did Stargazing live for three nights in a row which was brilliant!

This is not a good quality pic but this is reading the book i got for Christmas, its majorly geeky. It's quite a large book but I'm determined to read it and learn loads, well try and learn haha! In May I'm also going to see a talk done by professors including Brian Cox, all about the universe with my brother, mum and dad :).

So there's a new thing you know about me, now will you confess your thing that makes you a bit of a geek?


  1. Haha i totally get where your coming from, i think he's my *secret* crush :-)

  2. Deff on the weird crush list! hehe