Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tattoo Dilemma!

Hey everyone! Been a long time since I've done a blog but I've been so busy with work and sorting my house out I haven't had much time. When I settle in to my house there will be more blogs!

Anyway, I'm thinking of getting another tattoo. I have one already on my wrist, but I'm feeling another one coming on. If I had the guts and it would suit me i would have a sleeve of tattoos but i don't really have that Rock look that suits it and plus my mum would cry!

Here is a pic of the one i have at the moment....

Excuse the absolute pose! this is an old pic! Haha! For the second tattoo I want a nice quote/saying, which I will like and something i can relate to. I'm not sure where I will put it yet either.

But I need help with ideas as to what to what quote to have, or if you know any good websites that i can look at that would be a great help!

I LOVE tattoos and if you have blog about yours post the link below!



  1. I love tattoos! Acouple of my friend's have sleeves and one of my friend is seriously considering it!


  2. Heyya :)
    Izzy here :)
    Slight probz, I logged out of my blog 'thedreamsofalittleizzyinabigwildworld' and when I logged bakk on, my blogg was deleted from my account :(
    I was sooo anoyed!
    But, please follow me on my new blogg :)
    :) <3 xxxx