Saturday, 28 May 2011

♥ ClaireaBella Bags ♥

I really do love twitter, and this is one reason why. I came across a profile by the name of @claireabella___, which is a lady called Claire who designs and personalizes handmade jute and cotton bags. Here's mine....

How gorgeous is that! Claire will design your bag to your specification. All you do is order the bag, answer a list of questions which she has on her website regarding your hair/eye colour, clothes then additional items you would like to see on the bag, like you holding a bag, phone etc. I asked for glitter, bows, love hearts, and as you can see my boyfriends name in the right hand corner.She created exactly what i asked for. I can not get over how pretty they are, i love the colours used on the bag.

I have had SO many comments from girls and guys who think its just amazing. It is so unique, as soon as my best friend Hayley saw this she went online and purchased one. It is such a simple idea and it has an amazing affect. They are a brilliant gift idea for your mates and family.

Claire has an amazing following and the bags are getting so popular and are in high demand. As soon as bags are in stock they go within minutes! She has a huge Celeb following, nearly all the girls from The Only Way is Essex have them, here is Jess and Sam with theirs....

There are a range of different size and shaped bags too. I definitely will be purchasing another bag in a larger size.

Her website is where you can order your bag.
I would also suggest you follow her on twitter, @claireabella___, as she will update this when bags are in stock, you need to be quick off the mark to get one.
She also has a Facebook page

Thanks Claire so much for my gorgeous bag I hope your empire keeps growing and growing.


  1. The handbag is super cute! I've actually seen them before but never knew who made them, so thanks so much for this post :)

  2. Wow those bags are so cute!