Thursday, 19 May 2011

♥ Superdrug have done the right thing......... ♥

They have finally brought out a card where you can collect points. Its called the Beauty card. I have always thought they needed to do this to keep up with Boots who have had one for years. I tend to spend a lot of money in Superdrug as in my town it has a larger selection of make up/products than the Boots, but with boots at least you could earn points! Now i feel happier buying in Superdrug!

One good point with this card is you can use as many points (in multiples of 100, so 100 points = £1, 200 points = £2 etc) as you want towards a purchase and pay for the rest in cash/card, which you cant do a boots, they have to be used in one transaction.

Best thing, the card is a Mirror!
Go get yours now, Beauty = Points :)

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